The ghosts are ready to pay the big fat Alexis.

The ghosts are ready to pay the big fat Alexis.

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The Sun, Manchester United's media hit Manchester United with a fee to Alexis Sanchez spearhead Arsenal to 350,000 pounds per week. The money is more than Manchester City are thinking to give Sanchez enough. "The Sun," the media of the city's elite, reported that Manchester United club giant of the English Premier League will be worth the cost of Alexis Sanchez, Arsenal's famous striker. £ 350 per week Sanchez will be out of contract with Arsenal after the end of this season. Keeps informed about the ongoing transfer. It is reported that Arsene Wenger manager of the "cannon" has accepted that he can not persuade him to renew the contract. And to leave the team in the market to buy - kick the second round this January. It is better to lose free. This summer sbobetsc
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