Evasion is all time fantastic and give you extra survivabili

Evasion is all time fantastic and give you extra survivabili

Postautor: gameshop4u » 15 sty 2018, o 07:41

Defence > Evasion - evasion is all time fantastic and give you extra survivability. So you could put points here when you die to usually.

Defence > defense - same as Evasion, but five you attack bonus on 60 mu legend zen points, so you'll be able to pot points right here and enhance your survivability and get the little advantage to ATT. (just bear in mind you'll want to have enchanted gear ahead of place points right here since Whisperer have reduced defense value of all classes)

Assistance > CDR - CDR is the all-time high, but you must recognize in the event you get quicker cooldowns of skills you invest much more mana, without mana you do not do any damage and cannot use save, so it is best to balance CDR and mana obtain. Btw passive with significantly fewer pots cooldown is excellent.

All other soul sections might be utilized, I didn’t discover any useless in them, but you do not get benefit from them so you'll be able to place points just in case for those who want it. BY https://www.playerhot.com/games/mu-legend/Golds here now...so welcome!
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