furniture industry reachs

furniture industry reachs

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branch Focusing China western . Current situation of Chengdu furniture industry reachs foreground Ⅱ . Summarize industry of window of Chengdu wood door Ⅲ .fiber high flower box Content shedding develops the stimulative effect of pair of lumber industries greatly Ⅳ . Forum Business affairs negotiates (16:00-17:30) Cocktail lounge (17:30-20:00) [the following day] The industry makes an on-the-spot investigation

Lumber market Content sheds processing factory of plant of garden area sawn timber Russia is right China log supplies growth 8.5% " one belt all the way " construction how to cover old concrete steps with trek decking obtains positive positive result Since 2016, russian both sides enlarged the collaboration in resource commerce respect in, make demand of natural resources of Chinese economy progress got ensuring, russia finance breach got effective fill.

The trading business volume with how to install a post against concret wall this huge field is become in of Russian commerce " sth capable of comforting sb " . As " one belt all the way " construction builds what butt joint collaboration states jointly to sign with alliance of Ou Ya economy, both sides is in classics trade, the sources of energy, infrastructure, finance, aerospace, humanitarian the collaboration that diy deck with roof waits for a domain all obtained
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