"Alexis" will play where the "Red Devils"

"Alexis" will play where the "Red Devils"

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Manchester United fans welcome Alexis Sanchez shooting stars. After moving to a team full of interesting that Alexis will be suited to Manchester United, Shoe Mourinho will let him in any position. We analyze together. Alexis's best position. It is the position that the player most often played in the "big guns". This position is a blow to Alexis in the shooting because he is often cut into the middle and the door on a regular basis. However, the offensive line options on the left side of the Jose Mourinho are often played between Marcus Rashford and Anthony Marion. So if Alexis wants to play in the position. this One need to rock right wing. This is expected to be Marcus Raftford to take this role. Many media speculate that. Big red devil Will give Alexis. Play in this position. It replaces Henrik Schmidt, who said that the midfielder "cannon" moved across the fence. The right wing is the position of the players of the football with the agency of Udinese and Barcelona. If you look at the right side of the Manchester United offensive, only Juan Mata, then this position is most likely.sbobet
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