partial damage repair is inconvenient floor

partial damage repair is inconvenient floor

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But there are many seams and the construction speed is slow. The main advantages of floor leather: laying fast, less seams. For thicker sheets, they can be directly laid on the base without binder. But partial damage repair is inconvenient, all replacement and waste a lot of materials.

Plastic flooring according to its material: can be divided into hard, semi hard and soft (elastic) three kinds. The floor is soft roll, hard floor for bulk. In twentieth Century, China mainly produced semi hard flooring,

favored by many consumers. Here we take a look at what is the classification of plastic floor? Plastic floor according to its use: can be divided into blocks (or tiles) and coil (or floor) two. The main advantages of floor tiles: in the process of use, such as local damage, can be partially replaced, and does not affect the appearance of the entire ground.
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