company a when issue

company a when issue

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detects technical limited company a when issue " indoor environment quality detects report " show, basis " pollution of condition of core of room of civil construction project how to build a Embossing floor stair handrail controls a standard " after the requirement undertakes detecting, discovery advocate lie, second lie, content of formaldehyde of children room, sitting room exceeds bid: "That is to say, I a 3 rooms two office are entire formaldehyde exceeds bid,

national level is content of painted wooden fence ideas every stere formaldehyde little at or be equal to 0.08 milligram, my second lie formaldehyde content achieves 0.27 milligram, exceed bid 3 times much. " when be worth Hong Yu to exceed mark to feel feel puzzled to indoor formaldehyde, another owner that has not enter explodes a fierce makings: "I cut a density board from new building wall, go to what the country kinds of wooden and plastic flooring approbates detecting the orgnaization

detects, result bat reached E2 level only, level is inferior, formaldehyde releases a quantity taller. Formaldehyde releases a quantity taller.. Immediately,images of multi-level decks around above ground pool this owner is in group in stick piece detect report, by national forestry bureau Hua Dongmu material reachs wood quality this to supervise examine issued report shows the center, this owner sends check this in the formaldehyde of density beaverboard releases a
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