behaves the stimulation

behaves the stimulation

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formaldehyde behaves the stimulation that is pair of skins, mucous membrane, can cause irritability dermatitis, splash not only, still can stimulate an eye to cause unwell, cheap wood Embossed deck singapore and bring about oedema, have a headache wait for a symptom. More serious is, medicine considers to had made clear, gao Nong spends formaldehyde or material of noxiousness of a kind of gene, the likelihood causes nose pharynx tumor. The country is

compulsive standard " pollution of ohio composite Embossing decking for sale condition of core of room of civil construction project controls a standard " regulation, a kind of civil construction is interior formaldehyde chroma must not exceed 0.08 milligram / stere, include classroom of the residence, hospital, senile building, nursery school, school. This staff member expresses, all sorts of man-made board treatment what is the best environmentally friendly privacy fence is cosmopolitan in the process that make

use all sorts of gum sticky agent, use commonly most is sticky agent of Niao aldehyde glue, and the raw material of sticky agent of Niao aldehyde glue basically is formaldehyde. pools with wpc Embossed floor Introduce according to staff member of terminal of product quality supervision and inspection of Shanghai environmental protection, the national quality that began to carry out on January 1, 2002 is supervised examine the GB18580-2001 that
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