get the person that run

get the person that run

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print and distribute " environmental protection " get the person that run " the system implements plan " , 2016, association of industry of Chinese forest replace deck boards with pvc deck products weaves " environmental protection of man-made board product " get the person that run " the system implements plan " had referred environmental protection ministry, it is good that the newspaper sent first commendation friend of green credit environment 2017 list

of man-made board product, conservatory vinyl flooring products in working to advancing a process actively related. In December 2015, environmental protection ministry is in be asked for extensively and listened to guild of association of industry of forest products of national forestry bureau, China, concerned place and vast enterprise on the foundation of feedback opinion, release wood composite framing wall panel materials formally " environmental protection is integrated directory (2015 edition) "

(annulus handles case [2015]2139 date) , man-made board product (beaverboard, particieboard, plywood) include by whole " risk of tall pollution, tall environment "wood polymer composite manufacturer catalogue item, adjust to accord with GB/T11718-2009 " in density beaverboard " the beaverboard product of product standard; Accord with GB18580-2001 " interior decoration decorates material the formaldehyde in man-made board and its goods releases set limit to " in
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