make more contributions to the economic

make more contributions to the economic

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<p>through an in-depth market research.<a href=''>cheap garage flooring options in ukraine</a>" Tan Chin Wen told reporters forget how many accounts: Pingnan County, fasting Eucalyptus planted an area of ​​500,000 mu, according to a five-year cut once the reincarnation, each year There are 10 million mu can be cut, how to remove iron gate from block walllogs per cubic meter of 7 cubic meters per year there are 700,000 cubic meters of logs can be used. However, existing wood processing plants in Pingnan County are all small and </p>
<p>inefficient tax-free ones. "In the future our wooden floor is to be exported, and Pingnan County is close to Guangdong and the transportation of roads and waterways is very convenient."<a href=''>composite decking flammable</a> If the project is invested in Guigang, the freight per cubic meter of road transport from Guigang to Pingnan will be 50 yuan. Investment in South Africa than Guigang than other places have an advantage. "A sum of the pen count,wood tiles prices manila revealing Tan Chin-wen's </p>
<p>smart business. Resource advantages,<a href=''>cost of installing synthetic gym flooring</a> traffic advantages and location of the company already mature production technology, Tan Chin Wen dare to make promises to the Pingnan county government. "In addition to expanding the production scale in Pingnan,wood decking system over wood pool deck apart from Pingnan's advantages in resources and transportation, the preferential policies in Pingnan County and the help for the project construction are touching as well." Tan </p>
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