timber sales revenue

timber sales revenue

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project is to pass 3 years - manage 5 years, make timber sales revenue can pay relevant overhead expenses completely. Forest Wu bureau the basis agreement, anti slip wood fence material in 3 years of indrawn Idaho city land ministry offers 900 thousand dollar. Idaho city parliament is approved from the city the transfer in average fund 250 thousand dollar, regard form a complete set as capital. Ministry of Idaho

city land is in charge of oak slats for benches managing public middle and primary school to get given 2.4 million acre (kilometer of about 9700 square) land, among them about 1 million acre is a forest. Land ministry and forest the Lin Huo that the collaboration of Wu bureau can help Idaho city control state-owned Lin Zhong, protective administrative division has forest and cost composite bamboo Embossing floor prices demesne forest land does not suffer

Linhuo to browbeat, can keep clear of at the same time get the forest of harrass of plant diseases and insect pests, safeguard city has forest and demesne cost for 42 wood safety railing Lin Jiankang. In addition, this collaboration still can create obtain employment opportunity. Research makes clear, every cut 1 million board feet (about 2333 stere) lumber, but 12-15 of direct or indirect creation obtain employment
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