the reporter comes

the reporter comes

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belonged to solid? Subsequently, the reporter comes in home of a dweller, from the building the top can see, this timber plant is apart from dweller building not to cross side pannels for decking ten meters, and there is one to be in chimney inside the factory, keeping outward eduction smother. To understand a situation further, the reporter decides to go in this factory. Enter a plant inside, the reporter sees be

become with load one's writing best rated composite Deep embossed decking boards with fancy phrases of brick, clay working burn furnace, and a few workers are baling broken bits of the rest charcoal. is surnamed this revive chief introduction, they are to use the deserted wood that remain again fire becomes charcoal. And a woman, professing is one of controller of the factory, she took a reporter to walk into a storehouse,how to make an l shaped outdoor modern bench say, the

charcoal with their good fire should discuss jin of sale, a jin of one yuan. This surname old chief says, the smoke that the smother that chimney appears appears 2x2 composite Embossed decking tile with meal of the baked wheaten cake that use bavin is same, won't have any effects to the environment. Saying at the same time, this woman tries to use fumy chimney water to irrigate destroy. Continue to enquire when the reporter, when
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