emperor case produces

emperor case produces

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of furniture of Shandong emperor case produces (model Mm: 450 × of 400 × 615, lot number 2017.10.5) , unqualified project to be able to bear or endure cigarette waterproofing laminate flooring seams calcination, formaldehyde releases a quantity. Amount of woodiness furniture exit fell slightly 2017 0.06% Last year 1 ― November, house of aggregate index of Linyi city ambient air quality saves the 9th completely, improve compared

to the same period 6.1% , wholesale railroad tie safe chroma of PM2.5, PM10, SO2 is improved respectively compared to the same period 9.5% , 9.8% , 21.4% , good day counts 196 days, decrease 5 days compared to the same period; The province controls the country assessment section water quality amounts to mark to lead 100% , ground of fountainhead of drinking water of prefectural class bamboo anti insect flooring in melbourne above assesses index to amount to mark

entirely; Management of standardization of unit of industrial danger useless generation, management unit selectives examination randomly percent of pass is composite lumber suppliers respectively 95.95% , 98.13% , rank complete province front row. 2017 year comb 5 kinds big 91 environmental protection highlight processing of 10 kinds of big problem, 63 air pollution task of key of prevention and cure of 8
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