Prefabricated box beam construction method

Prefabricated box beam construction method

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15 contract section chief project engineer Li Qiang war, told reporters, "the workers to experience easy, efficient and just project pursue one aspect, through automation avoiding manual errors, standardization and quality of the project have been significantly improved." Construction Easy In addition, increase efficiency and improve the quality outside the construction of new technology using small box girder prefabrication, can save a lot of money to create a considerable economic benefits.

15 contract section, a total of eight sets of prefabricated beams outside the template, template kit 8, according to estimates, the use of hydraulic outer mold production system save 392 yuan each piece of the beam; using hydraulic Pulling the mold each piece beam production system can save 336 yuan; in addition, the use of a tire mold, each beam can also save 155 yuan.

Li Qiang war finally gave reporters calculations: the improved prefabricated box beam construction method, the production of each piece can save 883 yuan a small box girders, each small box girder shorten the duration of 2.5 days, a total cost savings of more than 1.8 million, economic significant benefits, the working efficiency is improved by 36.4%. Although new technology can greatly increase efficiency, bring considerable economic benefits, but the level of workers to operate, but also directly affect the technical performance and craftsmanship.

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