Four floor home improvement market

Four floor home improvement market

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Home decoration disputes, complaints dropped significantly appliances, merchants delisting "flash" of the public, <a href="">best outdoor non slippery tile</a> the tourist season ...... complaints raised today, City Consumers Association released in July this year, consumer complaints analysis, the city received a total of consumer advice organization Consumers Association 3769 passengers, consumer complaints received since 1027. July is the peak of the acceptance of home improvement, consumer complaints more concentrated: 1. Floor decoration company in the renovation process back door, <a href="">light weight ceiling panels</a> some of the surface material looks similar but the quality, relatively low price products to replace stipulated in the contract; 2. Floor coverings are not standardized, such as: bedding in a cardboard box under the wooden floor; installation fast casual nails, glue, causing Puwan shortly floor loose, abnormal sound, bagging and other issues; <a href="">cheap vegetable garden fencing ideas</a> 3. Decoration pollution problems highlighted, formaldehyde and other toxic substances emission exceeded many problems; 4. Some of the larger home improvement company in the decoration, the use of building materials Zhicijiagao decoration serious quality problems, <a href="">deck furniture canada</a> consumers wanted to pay a high renovation costs to buy a worry, but in the end disappointed. After the occurrence of disputes with consumers, some companies can not in good faith actively to mediation, resulting in conflicts.
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