Advantages furniture gold Phoebe

Advantages furniture gold Phoebe

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Gold Nan is a unique precious wood, wood gloss strong, especially in the light shining like gold flashes, so called gold Nan. In recent years, more and more friends who sought the favor of gold Phoebe furniture, but in the end gold Phoebe furniture What are the advantages of it, there are still a lot of friends do not know, so today small for everyone brief golden Phoebe silk furnishings advantages.

A merit, furniture gold Phoebe

1, pest control and strong. As we all know, wood is moth is a common phenomenon, but also the largest timber predators, Phoebe growth period is relatively easy to be moth-eaten, but once mature, its wood contains a unique scent, this fragrance has a role to disperse mosquitoes, So Phoebe furniture has a strong pest resistance.

2, corrosion-resistant and strong. Phoebe is grown in subtropical trees, its growth cycle for hundreds of years, and therefore extremely precious. Phoebe excellent corrosion resistance, even in extreme hot and humid environment, Phoebe furniture will not be corroded by oxidation, so since ancient times, Phoebe was used extensively for the manufacture of furniture.

3, good cold. Phoebe itself of mild, even in winter is not cold, wooden furniture Phoebe closely affected by the internal temperature of the external environment is very small, so in the winter cold has a good performance.

4, cool. Do not touch the cold winter palace Phoebe commonly produced couch, winter is not cold, summer heat, not to hurt the body, while others will not have this excellent feature hardwood.

5, easy to change, due to split or rarely smooth texture and easy to distort, not only small expansion and contraction and the hardness of the nail holding power was good.

6, fine grain magnificent, exquisite gold Phoebe abnormal soft and moist texture, delicate texture Mastery, freshly cut wood surfaces yellow with green, sporadic rains Chen Chen fragrance. Gold Phoebe production of artifacts, no stiff feeling, sleek, issued under the slightest light golden, innocent but quiet, demure and understated.

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