Geothermal floor how to care for the growing popularity is a

Geothermal floor how to care for the growing popularity is a

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More and more families choose to install plumbing in the decoration geothermal floor, but because of the maintenance of plumbing to heat the floor more demanding consumers pavement, must pay more attention to the details of use,Anti-UV teak boat decking especially in the focus this week is about to begin heating, to be more at home in the geothermal floor debug special notice. Heating should be gradual initial use, the first use of geothermal heating, attention should be slow to heat up.
First use, three days before the start of heating to the gradual warming: the first day the water temperature 18 ℃, the next day 25 ℃, the third day of 30 ℃, the temperature rose to normal before the fourth day, the water temperature is 45 ℃, the surface temperature of 28 ℃ ~ 30 ℃. Not heat up too fast, too fast, the floor may occur due to expansion cracks distortions. After a long time the geothermal heating system is enabled again, I want to be like the first time, Corrosion-resistant outdoor fence as strict accordance with the heating temperature program. Avoid drying carefully monitor indoor humidity in winter, dry climate, coupled with the use of geothermal heating under the floor a long time in high temperature conditions easy to dry, then the owners need to give room humidification, in order to avoid deformation of dry floor.
Note the decoration on the ground can not punch, hit nails, avoid playing geothermal pipeline leak, causing water to run geothermal system, the floor soaked scrapped. Since the floor surface temperature is relatively high, the room is better not to place a water glass and porcelain directly on the ground, so as to avoid uneven heating, resulting in the home "stealing." Ground temperature during use is not too high. It should be noted that the use of geothermal heating, surface temperature should not exceed 28 ℃, the water temperature should not exceed 45 ℃, if more than this temperature, it will affect the life of the floor and use cycle. The average family, the winter temperature reaches about 22 ℃, it is very comfortable, normal warming, it will not affect the use of geothermal floor. Pests appeared, should first ask professional organizations to identify pest species, Anti Corrosive outdoor flooring currently more than 10 kinds of wood types of eggs, need to take a different approach based on prevention and treatment of different types of hazards, in order to avoid harm to other wood fiber products such as furniture, blankets, books and so on.
In addition, some consumers to use pesticides were insecticides, method, or if the agent does not, not only would not achieve the purpose of debugging, there may be the best time to delay pest, it is recommended that you try not to use this way . So as not to jeopardize the timely removal of furniture in the prevention and control work, termite control experts Institute found that the presence of hazardous building materials market, a lot of eggs keel wood products, composite exterior wall sheathing products so users in the purchase of wood keel products, the best-known brands choose quality and reliable products, It can also be carried out before using pest control or prophylactic treatment.
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