100% of the original wood floor red oak

100% of the original wood floor red oak

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American red oak is not only America's national tree, is the United States the best kept secrets. In the case of global forest resources plummeted, American red oak, but because of strict forest management system has always maintained an adequate supply of the United States was seen as an epic recycling, Americans proud.

To promote the use of wood FSC forest certification in China, the long-Sheng floor first to the United States in cooperation with the wood suppliers, both in the purchasing volume, product lines, market share and visibility are still to seize the initiative, dominate. With authentic raw materials and fine style, long Shengmei Guo red oak flooring in the major high-end home market is active extraordinary.

Oak in all categories in order from North American red oak is particularly precious and special, arctic growth environment created its solid and stable material properties. Long Shengmei Guo pure red oak wood floors taken from Pennsylvania quality red oak origin, all FAS grade lumber, especially the introduction of long, wide, especially in line with imported sheet, 22mm thick unique specifications, in highlighting the common oak Yu natural advantage of not comparable, but also highlights American Deco stable atmosphere.

Every piece of red oak wood flooring manufacturing process, the products are based on mainstream American style floor build consumer characteristics, let you experience the American comfort, freedom, healthy lifestyle.

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