Intelligent conservation instrument equipment

Intelligent conservation instrument equipment

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After curing intelligent instrument receiving the signal according to the set procedures automatically determine whether to initiate conservation sprinkler system, thus completing the beam intelligent conservation. Through the application of a series of intelligent technology, quality and efficiency of small prefabricated box girder has been ensured for the small box girder construction technology innovation foundation, but also to the modern concept of project management in large high-speed Yue are effectively reflected.

Great Yue Expressway Project implemented by the Ministry of large tenders system, provoke the strength of large companies, which for the construction technology innovation, standardization of laid a solid foundation, thus ensuring the quality and safety of the project, to create a good social and economic benefits. We believe that innovation-driven, a standard escort, along Dongting Lake Dayue speed all the way before the line,

Finally, the two sides in many aspects of the future work direction, reached a high level. November 5th, Professor Jiang gladly accepted the invitation of the Division I, employed for Shenzhen, Hong Zhen Machinery Co., Ltd. technical adviser. Shenzhen Kang Zhen Machinery Co., Ltd. in November 5, 2009 officially hired as technical adviser, Professor Jiang Shan, and building codes provide knowledge advice.

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