Brandon Phillips FlexBase Jersey

Brandon Phillips FlexBase Jersey

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锘? Baldness is a degrading condition for millions of men and women , and can lead to psychological problems and feelings of self worthlessness. But, at the same time, millions of other men and women just learn to live with baldness, thinking of it as yet another one of life's natural aging effects.

Baldness treatments are becoming more effective, owing to recent scientific discoveries. And like so many other medical and personal health symptoms, if you act on the problem immediately, you've got a better chance of reducing the affects, or at times, even reversing the condition.

Now it must be pointed out that there is not a magic pill for reversing baldness (yet) and there is no one single cure that works for all people. As a matter of fact, in many cases a combination of a few anti- hair loss products will harvest better results than any one product or technique. Because everyone one of us is wired differently, the hair loss treatment for you will need to be tailored to suit your individual characteristics.

That carries us to the impending question, whether or not stress can cause baldness? You see, stress is so often referred to as the major cause of baldness, that many people believe this to be correct. The fact is that stress is a cause of balding, so you can blame your job or your sporting team if it makes you feel better , but it is not the major cause. Stress is seen as a contributing factor of hair loss, but there is one major factor that is far more prevalent than all other causes.

Hair loss can be caused by many factors, with more than 50% of males encountering some form of hair loss or thinning by middle age. Women also suffer from hair loss, and around 35-40% of women will suffer some type of hair loss or thinning by age 60. Studies suggest that Pattern Baldness is the most prevalent cause of baldness. Pattern hair loss alone affects more than 40% of the male population. Pattern hair loss is easy to explain - it is a genetic disposition - it develops naturally.

Our genetic make-up naturally predisposes most men and women to Pattern Baldness. The cause of Pattern balding is very intricate, but in laymans terms, it occurs when testosterone interacts with a specific enzyme and is converted into what is know as dihydrotestosterone (aka DHT). DHT has a detrimental affect on the hair follicles - it is the causer for slowing down hair production and produces weaker, shorter hair - and eventually stops hair from growth altogether.

Men and women suffer from Pattern baldness in very different ways. Men tend to endure thinning hair in certain sections or patches of the scalp and that's why many instances in men result in the 'monk' effect, i.e. hair loss on top, with hair still growing at the sides and back. Women tend to lose hair uniformly across the scalp, so instead of having a visibly bald patch, a woman can actually lose more hair than a man, but still appear to have a full head of hair.

There are many other causes of baldness too, but again, none are as prevalent as pattern baldness. The other causes of hair loss are traceable for such small percentages of cases, and in most cases are the easiest to prevent , detect or even reverse. Other known causes of baldness are hormonal imbalances (especially in women) illnesses, poor diet, bad hygiene, drug abuse and last but not least, stress. Again, stress is an indisputable known cause of balding. Not a major cause, but it ranks in the top few causes.

Telogen Effluvium is the scientific name of baldness that is caused by stress. This type of baldness can also be caused by experiences such as trauma, childbirth, puberty, major surgery and even severe chronic illness. Telogen Effluvium is characterized by abrupt hair loss caused by an interruption in the normal hair growth cycle. Stress and trauma cause large numbers of hair follicles to simultaneously enter a stage of rest. After some time, the hair follicles will enter a stage of growth, and the old hair will be ejected out of the follicle by a new hair that is formed beneath it. The result is a period of hair shedding, and is usually self correcting, but if the stress is ongoing, then this type of hair loss can become chronic and eventually lead to more prevalent baldness.

So in theory you can blame your job for your baldness , or you could blame your hockey team, or football team or basketball team. But in reality, although stress can lead to hair loss, it is one of the secondary causes of baldness. And it is only really related to more dramatic experiences that have bought on stress. Fact is, Pattern Baldness is the most prevalent cause of hair loss, a
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