What is wpc flooring

What is wpc flooring

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<p>Laminate flooring is a natural drying of wood, processed form of surface decoration materials. It presents a natural wood grain pattern and color, gives a natural, soft, rich texture of affinity, and because it is cool, feel good characteristics make it a bedroom, living room, study, etc. ideal material for floor decoration. Solid wood flooring standard levels. Solid wood flooring is the national standard GB / T15306-2001. The standard since May 1, 2002 implementation, the original 94 standard while being replaced. The new national standard for old GB made important changes and additions.</p>

<p>The main content is to modify the size and number of defects, complementing the norms applicable species name and lacquer board requirements. At the same time removes the requirement for timber toughness hardness and wear resistance area. AA grade solid wood flooring division, A grade, B grade three level, AA level of the highest quality. The use of solid wood flooring is relatively fragile, the installation is more complex, especially in damp, deformation after exposure, so choose solid wood flooring to pay special attention to quality and installation process timber.</p>

<p>Laminate flooring is wood as raw material, and from top to bottom is a unified materials processing. Because of the many advantages of wood, such as easy processing, small thermal conductivity, ease the impact, durability, so that solid wood flooring has become the most popular flooring materials. Solid wood flooring minutes flat, tongue and groove, fight mouth, vertical mouth, vertical wood and timber flooring several current common enterprise lip solid wood flooring, surface often Topped with advanced polyester varnish, indicators related to solid wood flooring are precision substrate defects, surface paint quality, moisture content and so on.</p>

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