Wood plastic materials used in the landscape

Wood plastic materials used in the landscape

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1,Wood plastic floor.
Wooden floor construction simple,interlocking wood plastic decking panel natural texture, but easily deformed, fade, crack, post maintenance more complicated. In contrast, the WPC application forms are more diverse, relatively stable material, and wear-resistant anti-corruption performed well, with high durability. Commonly used in the cliff, Road, landscape platform.
2, Wood plastic fence.
WPC baluster forms, can be divided into the safety fence and landscape fence. Security fence must have a high impact strength, generally used in road,wood plastic outdoor floor prices waterfront, building railings and other safety requirements for higher ground. Landscape fence railing for safety no special requirements, generally in the flower beds, nurseries and other places, only to play the role of decorative landscaping. WPC guardrail mainly by the base, columns, beams, handrails, gutter, pillar cap components.
3, Wood plastic landscape architecture
① wood houses: WPC can be used for activities hut. Such as wood kiosks, pavilions. Wood cabin easy to install, usually finished installation.
② WPC building exterior decoration: WPC also be used for building external wall decoration, window shading, etc., decorative wood texture strong. Not only can decorate the building,Cheap Outdoor decking Floor material at the same time play the role of the sun, while the lower heat transfer coefficient WPC, play a role in insulation.
③ WPC Tinglang: WPC can replace wood for building Tinglang landscape, widely used in city parks, residential landscape. WPC WPC Tinglang for performance, design and installation of construction have higher requirements.
④ facilities and wood landscape sketch: WPC addition to flooring, fence, landscape architecture and Tinglang applications,
Wood plastic outdoor wall panel many with wood-finished product used directly, such as stool chairs, trash, logo signs, flower boxes, street lamps. These do not need to install or just finished wood simple to install, simple to use, convenient and durable.
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