Smart steel bending machine

Smart steel bending machine

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To make the benefits of prefabricated construction technology of the new play to the best level, high-speed Yue also focus on strengthening the construction project department personnel training. Project Department in accordance with "no training no job" principles for prestressed tension line grouting construction personnel to implement training executive certificate for employment system, with good results.

"In the line of a random sample of 77 prestressed slab, its plumpness grouting test results showed a pass rate of 100%, job training system and achieved good results." Great Yue-speed project department official said.

Smart steel bending machine, intelligent, standardization of power construction, construction process in order to ensure a high standard small box girder prefabrication, high-speed Yue project introduces NC-steel bending machine, CNC bending steel hoop machine and a number of high performance steel processing equipment, greatly improved work efficiency.

Beam field not only automated, also steel processing, conservation, tension, grouting and other sectors to achieve the intelligent templates. It is estimated that each of the tenders thus saving labor cost about 1,000 yuan per day. These high standards of hardware facilities, not only cost savings, more important for small precast box girder overall hydraulic track mobile template molding technology innovation has laid a solid foundation.

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