Steel roller welder CNC machining equipment

Steel roller welder CNC machining equipment

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16 standard, which covers an area of ??7.5 acres of steel-processing center equipped with CNC bending, steel rolling machine, CNC machining equipment, which greatly improved the efficiency and quality of steel processing. May 19 morning, in the field of steel processing tenders, the reporter saw workers Liu Zhifu, Liu Changjiang ongoing small box beam steel processing.

I saw two men will put a steel console, operating through a few buttons, curved steel will be conjuring up a wound, then fold, the whole process less than 30 seconds, they put steel molding, easy to operate, finished specification.

16 marked chief engineer Li Lei told reporters that this project is the introduction of the operating device small box girder steel CNC bending center. Before use, the bending angle steel required in advance, the length entered into the computer system, the operator simply follow the program will put the original reinforced console, according to program the machine to operate on their own.

As a result, steel processing efficiency, quality levels have improved, processed steel are more standardized than before. Smart tensioning process is entirely controlled by a laptop computer program, without human intervention.

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