The floor installation method

The floor installation method

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1. The first please cut or planing on the long side of the first row of the wall to install the floor and tenon and the first piece of floor short edge and tenon, and will cut surface coating sealing wax the floor. During the installation process, the floor and metope to set aside the corresponding expansion joints, and all been sawing or plane cut surface must be coated with sealing wax, lest the arch since the floor be affected with damp be affected with damp, affect the service life.

2. Installed after the first floor, second floor every pieces from 35 degree Angle in the direction of the tilt forcibly embedded assembling, subsequent floor installation in turn.

3. The last row installation, planing and groove parts coated with sealing wax, floor and metope to reserve the corresponding expansion joints.

4. The joint of the room and room, room and sitting room and floor more than 4.5 meters width must be disconnected, the \"T\" word day special metal bead partition, with \"L\" type special day, real wood play crural line edge.

5. On both sides of the floor width (that is, both sides of the floor and metope parallel) must be set aside for 2-3 cm of expansion joint, both ends of the floor length direction must be reserved 2 cm of expansion joints. \"L\" type day, use special solid wood play crural line to complete the expansion joint of the edge.

6. Solid wood parquet floor (herringbone parquet) expansion joint reserved: around 2 to 3 cm.

7. The floor near the kitchen, bathroom and balcony, and play crural line as such, the expansion joint day, use special alloy layering finished edge.

8. The herringbone parquet floor with more than material color.

The reserved expansion joint of basic rules:

1. After installation of solid wood lock floor will change with humidity and the overall translation, so any position reserved expansion joint, the width must be uniform, ensure that each location of the same size scale space.
2. According to the varieties of the floor, moisture content, scaling factor and room area size, the height of the floor and in different parts of the climate and the wood around the equilibrium moisture content to determine the size of the expansion joints.
3. The local climate, average moisture content is higher than the floor moisture content proposal placed after installing the floor natural food more than 15 days, until close to the average moisture content to accept and install the line that play a base. Around the reserved reserve size of the expansion joints size must be greater than normal, in order to prevent the floor moisture absorption expands after the arch since because of the expansion joint width is not enough.
4. If there is heavy or large furniture inside the room, etc., should be handled as an obstacle. Is around the perimeter of the heavy or large furniture set aside the corresponding expansion joints.

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