Consumers discussion to say two years

Consumers discussion to say two years

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Sumptuous floor with customers playing the "tug of war" in July 2003, exterior wood garden terraces uk Mr. Cao, who lives in Jinling Mingrenju worth thirty thousand yuan to buy a brand of rich wood floors, pavement soon after the emergence of the phenomenon of tile-like bagging. Over the next two years, he broke God to the floor, the result is still not solved the problem. Recently, Jianye District Consumers' Association received numerous complaints about the floor, because sometimes difficult to distinguish the responsibility or delay too long, mediation often deadlocked. Mr. Cao said the complainant, the floor had to buy when fear trouble before the election of the brand, did not expect to end up in trouble wrapped around him for two years. For an explanation, he was from the outset to find dealers, but dealers said after viewing door and then observe the observation. This observation for months, and the result is a dealer "improper use will not be responsible", then that Mr. outdoor decking distributor Cao at home cleaning the floor leading to the health of water into the floor expansion deformation. For dealers this argument, Mr. Cao, of course unacceptable, so he began to run around. First find the decorative aspects of the city, want to give an explanation, but decorate the city for a few months are not coordinated coordinate. Later he found the associations, distributors or insist no responsibility. As a result, more than a year later, the problem is not a little progress In desperation, Mr. Cao spent more than six thousand yuan to the floor to do a comprehensive inspection, ready for a break. But the test report came out he was dumbfounded, best composite decking material she says: tile-like floor because the floor is a large area to absorb external moisture, because there is no camber allow sufficient expansion joint between the floor and the wall when the pavement. This means that Cao and dealers have responsibility for resolving the problem once again encountered difficulties. environment friendly composite patio chairs "We have a report of the quality inspection departments sent the complainant material." When the reporter sumptuous floor distribution side of a deal with the matter of Mr. Wang, he first talked about this sentence. He said that the laying of the floor they are real, but in full compliance with the requirements laid joints shortage problem does not exist, the test report in question, the floor such a problem is caused by improper use of consumers. They have had treatment advice, but consumers do not want to, and now this test report is also untenable. Jianye District Consumers' Association Secretary-General Hong Haiyan, said Mr. Cao, and have a similar experience to consumers and a minority, because of the floor are not familiar with the relevant knowledge, so rights often in trouble.
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