Solid wood flooring foot feeling good is brought out do not

Solid wood flooring foot feeling good is brought out do not

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<p>Solid wood flooring because of foot feeling good, long life, pristine, laying good effect, etc. and sought after by consumers, more and more consumers choose to laying solid wood flooring, so after the completion of a new house to stay, how solid wood flooring maintain it? And how scratches fix it? First, prevention in life accidentally heavy, sharp fall on the floor or wooden soles sand to walk on the wooden floor, will be different degrees of the wooden floor surface scratches, damage the floor surface paint; the owners have to take preventive measures recommended to be placed in the room door or indoor rug to prevent sand into the shoe on the floor in the room is best to wear soft-soled shoes to walk</p>

<p>. Second, deep scratches process, there is a deep scar is a situation that can be used to make a solid patch of wax filled, then fill paint pen color, and finally polished. If you feel so tedious, you can buy a bottle of floor wax, and mopping the floor, like a normal wipe, something that is not particularly deep scratches can handle. Third, the scratches less processing, solid wood floor surface is scratched, the paint also are generally destroyed. This depends on the extent of the wood floor surface scratches. If you scratch the surface of the film is shallow, you can use the approach to polishing and waxing treatment, pull and wipe clean.</p>

<p>Burma Teak is a national treasure, recognized as one of the world's rare species, enjoy the &quot;wood of the King&quot; reputation, Burmese teak flooring with anti-corrosion, pest control, anti-acid effect, not easily deformed, but also with natural mellow. Together with Xiaobian look at Burma teak flooring maintenance methods it!Teak rich in iron and oil, iron and oil that make it difficult to deformation, pest control, termite, anti-acid, especially moisture, corrosion, and with a natural mellow. Teak has been the world's advanced luxury palaces and villas, luxury cruise of choice, advanced yachts, luxury car interior material. Burmese teak flooring maintenance methods. </p>

<p>First, usually should be careful not to knock or fall on the floor with heavy or hard objects, do not push when moving furniture in order to avoid friction floor cracks. Indoor best not to wear high heels and hard-soled shoes walking on Burma teak flooring. Second, the general newly paved Burmese teak flooring is not prolonged exposure to sunlight, it is best to hang with good blackout curtains to emerge from direct sunlight and color, but also to prevent the paint surface oxidation. Third, do not use essential oils, liquid wax floor maintenance products, so as not to destroy their own natural Burmese teak oil. Fourth, to regular window ventilation, regulate indoor air humidity to prevent the wood floor flooding. In China, the more open, the higher the degree of internationalization of the city's perception of the higher Burmese teak, consumer awareness is also higher! Use teak floor in Shanghai has been quite extensive, although the climate in Beijing's dry and cold, teak wood solid wood floor has to overcome the general floor deformation, cracks, shrinkage greater disadvantage.</p>

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