What's Common Of Geothermal Floor Type And Material?

What's Common Of Geothermal Floor Type And Material?

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What is common to heat the floor and the type of material?

Wood flooring on the market are mainly solid wood flooring, engineered flooring (three layers and multilayer), laminate flooring, cork flooring, bamboo flooring and other five categories. Among them, the common or alleged flooring category can be used to heat the floor of solid wood, parquet, laminate flooring 3 categories.

Solid wood flooring material body is only natural wood, from the surface in the end are the same wood species.

Hardwood flooring is 06.-2.0mm solid wood veneer as the surface layer, 6-9 layers of plywood as a base, after bonding glue, high temperature and pressure, the main raw material (substrate) is plywood.

Three solid wood floor is glued solid wood or veneer of surface layer, core layer solid wood, veneer bonding glue to the bottom by the repression, like a piece of biscuit.

Laminate flooring (scientific name: Laminate flooring) is one or more layers of special paper impregnated with thermosetting amino resin, wood shavings in the pavement pull, pull and other high-density fiber wood-based panels substrate surface, plus the back-balancing layer, plus front wear layer, by hot pressing, molding floor.

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