Formaldehyde-free flooring home improvement

Formaldehyde-free flooring home improvement

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Interior Decoration Association, the Secretary-General Flooring Yao Baolin said yesterday, <a href="">cost for external decking italy</a> as more and more advanced technology into the home improvement industry floors, floor decoration in the complete elimination of formaldehyde caused by air pollution has been just around the corner. Yao Baolin is on a business E0 grade plywood market conference made the above remarks. Building materials used in interior decoration, floor, especially sheet (block board and plywood), the vast majority of traditional technology, materials, which contains large amounts of formaldehyde, <a href="">composite panel usa distributor</a> benzene, xylene, TDI and other toxic substances, mainly formaldehyde from plate particularly serious harm to human body. Formaldehyde is a hazardous substance free, easy to induce a variety of diseases conjunctivitis, sore throat, blood diseases such as infants and the elderly more dangerous. <a href="">decking dealers on long island</a> National authorities disclosed data show that China has a cause of death associated with indoor air pollution one million children each year. Yao Baolin said condition flooring home improvement industry to implement zero formaldehyde have now been renovated. The reason is that home improvement must be used Blockboard and plywood, <a href="">alternative to landscape timbers california</a> the market has in line with international E0-class standards. Prior to this, Dili, Vientiane, snowy mountains and other sheet manufacturers have launched E0 grade Blockboard. CDC province decorative materials and interior floor air monitoring chief Zhou Chunliang said zero formaldehyde refers to the entire production process in sheet, and does not add any formaldehyde-containing raw material ingredients, nature, air, trees containing aldehydes except outside material, the sheet material is to add zero formaldehyde content. Yao Baolin requires home improvement company from now on to promote the use of a wide range of E0 level panel. He urged consumers, cherish their health and lives, using the E0 level panel when the house decoration as possible. There may bring decoration formaldehyde pollution flooring, and the plate, as the past two years on the domestic market, there have been a variety of floor E0 grade flooring. Yao Baolin also reminded consumers in the purchase of wood flooring, we must pay attention to their environmental performance, try to use the wood floor or E0 grade flooring.
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