How to choose a better wpc floor

How to choose a better wpc floor

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<p>wpc floor flooring is wood as raw material, and from top to bottom is a unified materials processing. Because of the many advantages wpc floor, such as easy processing, small thermal conductivity, ease the impact, durability, etc., so wpc floor to become the most popular flooring materials. wpc floor minutes flat, tongue and groove, fight mouth, vertical mouth, vertical wood and timber flooring several current common enterprise lip wpc floor, surface often Topped with advanced polyester varnish, involving wpc floor of precision indicators substrate defects, surface paint quality, moisture content and so on.</p>

<p>Precision to meet the national standard; base value defect claim straight edge, burr, crack, Poles, etc; paint surface quality, the surface leaching paint smooth, no bubble, wrinkles and the like. Specific selection if available seam caliper measurements are the same on both sides and in the middle, and then split up 5-8 block floor and watch their split after the flush, whether the difference in height and the length of the gap. Moisture is the most critical indicators, it requires between 8-13%. The moisture content is too high and too low will make wpc floor due to changes in the environment or warped after cracking paved. Due to the characteristics of the wood itself, in addition to his many advantages, the main drawback is water-swellable, by a greater environmental impact. The wood itself is only semi-finished products, finished only after the pavement is the real product.</p>

<p>wpc floor quality problems are mostly caused by improper due to renovations. wpc floor surface leaching paint and pigment classes are two types of leaching paint the floor waxing can be laid on the cracks, prime board after the need paved planed, polished, transparent and scraping putty twice, twice paint, many people think wpc floor very fragile and difficult to maintain, in fact, this is a misunderstanding. Just paved floor, within a month to wax seal, according to the actual situation after six months to a year can be waxed or lacquered. Since the wood to the shrinkage of thermal expansion characteristics. In peacetime maintenance to avoid blisters, winter heating to prevent leaking, put a pot of water when the air in your home is too dry in the heating or moisture plus humidity, summer pay attention to moisture, such as on the floor accidentally spilled water, the net can be timely Sassafras . When cleaning with a damp mop can, avoid direct sunlight, do not drag heavy furniture.</p>

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