How to buy solid wood flooring

How to buy solid wood flooring

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1, choose the color of wood species, wood floors a wide range of color can be simply divided into light and dark colored, but are based on the natural color of the wood-based. Wood species imported to South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, <a href="">plastic plywood for pontoons</a> wood is excellent; the international popularity of wood flooring should be natural colors, clear wood, natural color. As China's consumer awareness of environmental protection, it must tend to this decor. 2, choose the size, the stability of the timber, the smaller the size of the floor, the stronger the resistance to deformation. Now more popular on the market a wide plate wide plate narrow plate is more beautiful, generous, texture relaxation, the pattern complete. <a href="">wood fences designs in Bengal</a> You can use your room type, room size and decoration effects to choose from. 3, choose moisture content, moisture content of wood flooring in Shanghai at about 16%. 4, the election precision, with 10 assembled on the ground floor, touch, seeing the quality of its processing accuracy, finish is smooth, smooth, with tongue and groove, install slot, <a href="">Plastic Wood Window for Sale Thailand</a> anti-tank and other deformation assembled whether they match exactly. Good work floor precise, accurate size, smooth corners, no height difference. 5, choose the quality of paint, <a href="">creative round pool deck ideas</a> paint points UV, PU two kinds. Please ask for the type of floor paint to the sales staff. Generally, high fat-containing floor such as teak, wood ants, such as the need hematoxylin purple heart with PU paint with UV paint stripping occurs from the shell phenomenon. PU paint true color, texture clear, but also easy to repair if damaged, but the price is slightly higher than the UV paint the floor. In addition, if the quality and obtain international certification of green areas is also an important reference for consumers to buy solid wood flooring products.
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