Ecological wood What are the advantages?

Ecological wood What are the advantages?

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Eco-wood by wood flour, PVC resin, polymer and pigment weathering material after high temperature fusion cooling compression molding. Wood flour here is to make the role of ecological wood with a wood characteristics, wood grain, wood processing, can be cut, drilled, such as plastic. Weathering of Polymer materials is to enhance the stability of ecological wood, including anti-aging, anti-fade, anti-cracking, anti-deformation, weathering performance is better ecological wood. Effect pigments to achieve a variety of colors, to meet user demand for decoration.
PVC separate presentation here, because ecological wood from wood and wood than the fundamental elements of this is that PVC composition.
Ecological wood waterproof, fire retardant, pest control, anti-corrosion, not aging, cracking performance, good toughness, impact resistance, these zones have on the performance of wood, PVC and all the related components. So in the end what it is PVC? PVC material is a plastic decorative material. PVC is short for polyvinyl chloride materials are polyvinyl chloride resin as the main raw material, adding an appropriate amount of anti-aging agent, modifier, after mixing, calendering, vacuum forming and other processes from the material.

PVC material with light weight, insulation, thermal insulation, moisture-proof, flame retardant, easy construction and other characteristics. Size, color, design variety, highly decorative, can be applied to interior walls and ceiling of the room decor, the plastic material in one of the most widely used decorative materials. The main advantages of PVC wall panel the following aspects:
1. The quality of light, heat insulation, insulation, moisture-proof, flame retardant, acid, corrosion-resistant.

2. stability, good dielectric properties, durable, anti-aging, and easy welding and bonding.

3. The bending strength and impact toughness, high elongation at break.

4. by kneading, mixing, pull-tab, pelletizing, extrusion or casting and other molding processes can easily meet the needs of various profiles specifications.

5. The surface is smooth, bright color, highly decorative, decorative surface wider application.

6. The construction process is simple, more convenient installation.
Set many advantages of ecological wood materials, applicability is very strong, very durable, decorative material in the building materials industry, more and more popular. However, due to technical limitations, our ecological wood in Berlin between -30 degrees --- 60 degrees Celsius to ensure product performance and stability, beyond the scope of the product will affect the normal life, a normal life expectancy is 7-10 times of solid wood.

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