wood plastic composite flooring

wood plastic composite flooring

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<p>wood plastic composite flooring, is a high-quality wood cutting board sliced ??into the surface, core board and backplane chip, and then the mechanics of three kinds of different varieties of materials in accordance with monolithic vertical, horizontal, vertical three-dimensional arrangement method, glued up and pressed into boards at a high temperature, which makes wood plastic composite of different changes to be controlled. Because of this floor surface film gloss appearance, and wear resistance, heat resistance, impact resistance, flame retardant, mildew, moth, etc., laying in the room, not only makes the room look more coordinated, better, and its price than similar wood floors high, and thus more and more consumers. Currently there are three wood plastic composite flooring and multilayer two kinds.</p>

<p>wood plastic composite floor surface for high-quality wood plastic composite sheet, middle and bottom of fast-growing wood, glue hot pressing. The surface of the core layer thickness is approximately 4 mm 8-9 mm, layer of about 2 mm, the total thickness is generally 14 to 15 mm. Multi-layer parquet with plywood for the substrate, the surface of hardwood boards or mosaic pieces Sliced ??veneer to glue hot pressing. The plywood base layer must be a single layer is usually three or five, such as hardwood surface sheet, usually 1.2 mm thickness, slicing plate 0.2-0.8 mm, the total thickness is usually not more than 12 mm.</p>

<p>wood plastic composite flooring solid wood flooring wood natural beauty, comfortable, sound insulation, etc., but also to overcome the shortcomings of solid wood flooring easily deformed (wood fibers perpendicular each, dispersed deformation and stress). Specifications and large, easy to lay. The disadvantage is that such poor quality glue will appear unglued. Also because the surface layer is thinner (particularly multilayer)), the use must pay attention to maintenance. Therefore, using the occasion restricted. Between wood plastic composite flooring glued to the glue, the size of its formaldehyde emission is a very important indicator. This has been the national compulsory standards, namely GB18580-2001 <interior decoration materials, plywood and their products limited release formaldehyde. " The standard specifies.</p>

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