Ecological wood ceiling and integrated ceiling which is bett

Ecological wood ceiling and integrated ceiling which is bett

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Xiao Bian 1000 according to data analysis of customer information, found 35.2% of the customers are in transition from the ceiling by an integrated dealer, or incidental distribution, and increasing scale. Data show that the transformation to integrated ceiling customer groups ecological wood product distribution, to explain ecological wood ceiling in terms of integrated ceiling is a great advantage.
Integrated ceiling is normally provided by aluminum panels, glass and other products at the selected site of use, advantage is clean, bright, large selectivity. Industrial atmosphere disadvantage is serious, adverse market competition, product processing pollution, industrial waste and more.

The ecological wood ceiling is an environmentally friendly energy-saving new materials, ecological wood ceiling, color variety, product processing and pollution-free, 80% of the production is processed flour, wood texture strong, modern life is the pursuit of natural the preferred products, but this product is no formaldehyde, fire rating to B1 level, high safety factor, waterproof not mildew, and can be used in the bathroom, shower, the interior versatility. In addition a variety of product design, public places more on the grade. While the government social advocacy to protect the environment, ecological wood as environmentally friendly energy-saving materials is undoubtedly the preferred ceiling decoration.

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