the wall material

the wall material

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<p>New wall materials is the new direction of development of the wall material. It takes full advantage of waste, reduce environmental pollution, conserve energy and natural resources, protect the environment and ensure the sustainable development of human society, with good economic, social and environmental benefits. Saving resources and energy: do not destroy ground (field) earth as raw material, the raw materials used as little as possible or even no natural resources, and more or even all use, industrial, agricultural or other waste with wpc decking methods its products conserve resources, save energy consumption and use of energy.</p><p> Cleaner production: do not emit little or no emission of environmentally harmful substances and human waste, waste water and other waste gas in its production process, reduce noise, and produce a higher degree of automation. Recycling use: After reaching its life, as a renewable resource to be recycled, it is neither pollute the environment, but also save natural resources.</p><p> Currently, coal gangue and wall materials on the market, Industrial phosphogypsum wall materials, cement-based lightweight perlite wallboard, the new water-resistant magnesia cement wall materials, ceramic hollow block of fly ash, recycled concrete hollow blocks, foam polystyrene beads lightweight aggregate new wall materials, etc. are green wall materials. New wall materials is a lightweight, high strength, high-performance energy-saving as one of the green wall materials, which can solve the problem of wall materials production and application of resources, energy and environmental development, is China's wall material the direction of development. In recent years, the rapid development of inter-locking wood boards for a wall new wall materials, has made gratifying achievements. Some industrial waste through a certain processing can also replace part of the cement production of concrete blocks, aerated concrete blocks and panels, fiber cement board, calcium silicate board, wall materials and these low prices, density of small, lightweight , fire, and can regulate indoor air humidity, machining performance, its social, economic and comprehensive benefits are obvious.</p>
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