Popular in Europe and America high-grade solid wood flooring

Popular in Europe and America high-grade solid wood flooring

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In China, the consumption of solid wood flooring, while significant, <a href="http://wpcmaterialwholesale.com/WPC-Products/10772.html">color can be choosed wpc floor tiles</a> but its industrial structure but to stay in the more division level stage, mainly in the supply of timber resources can not be sustained, product design and manufacturing process is still in fairly primitive level, long-term low is not conducive to development of the industry. Based on this reality, the solid wood floor opportunity to integrate with the international advanced design concepts, in line with contemporary aesthetic appeal and value orientation of three solid wood flooring will be replaced, which is the international trend irreversible. Three solid wood flooring, this stems from the Nordic invention greatly improved the traditional wood flooring single body long plagued the people of deformation, cracking, and consume a lot of wood makes the problem has been creative change. The long-term monitoring results confirm that our life can "use" of the floor, but the thickness is less than 4mm monolithic floor surface only. <a href="http://wpcmaterialwholesale.com/WPC-Products/12649.html">shadowbox privacy fence</a> Three solid wood floor surface application 3-4�L hard wood, middle and bottom application fir, pine and other soft woods, not only can save a lot of HARD original timber, and better able to play a full soft wood absorbs moisture, the advantages of moisture and thus play a better role in the stability of logs so that the material-specific expansion, cracking characteristics are optimized to solve, will not affect the utility and ensure the beauty of wood, best of both worlds, too. At present, Europe and the United States building materials in flooring, three solid wood flooring with its unique characteristics, <a href="http://wpcmaterialwholesale.com/WPC-Products/11801.html">most popular exterior building material in canada</a> is widely favored by the market and sought after. Three solid wood flooring in North America has a 33% market share, with 55% market share in Western Europe, while in northern Europe, the figure reached 95%. Three solid wood flooring has become the mainstream of high-grade wood floors. 30 March 2005 conducted by a large international collaboration Dekor Group and Sweden Kangshu Gong Division combined three solid wood flooring was held in Beijing's Great Hall, marking three solid wood floor areas of technology, the market is growing rapidly , <a href="http://wpcmaterialwholesale.com/WPC-Products/10697.html">cheap garden fence decoration ideas</a> two floor Dekor Kang tree giants joined forces, the first in the world to obtain resources and production capacity in the international supply of high-end solid wood flooring field, so that Chinese consumers to enjoy better quality and more stable service, a wider range of styles three solid wood flooring.
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