Ecological wood

Ecological wood

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<p>Ecological wood itself has a high environmental protection, no formaldehyde, no swelling, no deformation, anti-aging, waterproof, moisture, corrosion and other characteristics can be widely used in indoor and outdoor. Such as bathrooms, kitchen, bathroom and outdoor patio, seaside boardwalk, park trails, resort, pool, terrace, since wood probiotic products excellent waterproof function, it is particularly suitable for water environment, was also based on the need to flooring product design to use wallboard. The main technical non splintering woods characteristics of probiotic wood ecological wood flooring: wood ecological wood probiotic unique natural wood appearance characteristics, can effectively reduce the reflection of sunlight, absorb ultraviolet radiation, anti-aging properties.</p><p> Rear floor board between the slot combinations to achieve good drainage and air permeability, thermal insulation, thermal insulation, so that the surface of concrete empty air warm summer cooler. Ecological wooden floor but also the use of wind and rain to the "self-cleaning mode" clean surface dirt floor, good antibacterial antiseptic properties. Ultra-low water absorption, especially for use in an aqueous environment, widely used in indoor bathroom, kitchen, bathroom and outdoor patio, plank floors and garden swimming pool and other places. Green, can be recycled. Wood probiotic ecological wood floor installation: Clean the ground, to ensure smooth surface dry and free of grease.</p><p> Calculation floor placement program, actinomycetes drill, placing the substrate keel, when placing the keel keel leveling, error kept within 1mm. Fixed keel, with M6 galvanized expansion bolts,contact with the ground surface played waterproof construction adhesive, in order to ensure the stability of the keel. Place the floor, put the first piece fixed line floor with a Phillips flat head self-drilling self-tapping screws from patio flooring ideas cheap the floor of the mouth is fixed to the female waterproof keel, screws and the board must fall flat, second floor good first plugged fixed the female port block floor, reserved for 1mm joints expansion joints. Income side, the last piece of floor coverings, with 4x40mm Phillips flat head self-drilling self-tapping screws from the surface of fixed income side of the available ecological wooden wooden transverse pavement with 4x40mm flat head self-drilling self-tapping screws on the base of the keel.</p>
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