outdoor decking for sale

outdoor decking for sale

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<p>The optimum amount of coupling agent and the degree of coupling agent wood flour particles covering the surface. If the coupling agent is too small, because the filler surface cladding is not complete, it is difficult to form a good coupling of the molecular layer, it would not achieve the desired coupling and compatibilization.new composite product protection</p>
<p>Amount is too large, the excess coupling agent, the surface will be covered with too much flour coupling molecule to form multi-molecular layer, could easily lead to unevenness interface structure between the filler and the resin, and the unreacted coupling agent other groups also have adverse effects, thereby reducing the mechanical properties of the composites.outdoor porch decking</p>
<p>Acetylated method: hydroxy plant fiber surface after treatment acetic anhydride or ketene, polar hydroxyl groups on the timber nonpolar substituted acetyl and ester formation. Acetic anhydride is usually used in industry, glacial acetic acid, a mixture of sulfuric acid was acetylated. Low-temperature plasma treatment: low temperature plasma treatment is mainly caused by chemical modification,how to install a self closing deck gate</p>
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