Keel installation methods and procedures

Keel installation methods and procedures

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1, first leveling the ground, relying on tape measure with 2M, the maximum chord �Q 5mm.

2, elastic line with fountain, in a grid-like, two-line spacing of 300mm + 3mm.

3, with a hammer on the ground hole, hole depth 50mm-60mm, driving wedge, wedge shall not loose dried solid.

4, open baseboard hole pitch 500mm �� 10mm, driving wedge, wedge shall not loose dried solid.

5, cleaning, clear the ground of debris and floating ash.

6, Xianpu PE film, PE film laminated to each other more than 200mm, 60mm wide tape with the cement, compaction, cited 50mm on the wall. Then sprinkle insect powder.

7, with the keel keel screw fixation, the keel and the wall or other materials are to leave the pitch 10-15mm.

8, keel leveling with a 2m by tape measure, the maximum chord �Q 3mm.

9, the laying of plywood, thickness �R 5mm, a water content of 7-12%. Each jaw area can not exceed 600 * 1200mm, shall remain 8-12mm joints between each splint.

10, the laying of mats, floor mats must not overlap the seams with duct tape 60mm of cement, flattened. Shall, on the wall primer 30mm-50mm, if damaged, taped.

11, pre-sorting shop, the entire floor apart the whole pre-shop, color and paving effect must reach a consensus with the customer to adjust to customer satisfaction, or not pavement.

12, paving the floor, four sides are subject to a 8-12mm joints, pavement joints using the wrong, wrong seam can not be less than 300mm, should be the first to use short board inside the box, the short length plate for scribing, cutting under board can not be less than 300mm.

13, the laying of the floor to be nailing hand drill 45 �� diagonal drilling, and then into the floor for nails, nail gas shall not be used. Number of nailing every piece of not less than three floors. (Note: The drill bit thinner than the nail, otherwise the floor will be loose, abnormal sound)

14, paving is completed, clean up debris in the joints, install baseboard. Installed, along the direction of the floor cleaning.

the article come from:Composite Fence Estimate Calculator

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