Ecological wood wood decay

Ecological wood wood decay

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Ecological wood wood decay, ecological wood to wood decay fungi dichotoma infringement caused. Fungi points discoloration bacteria, fungi and decay fungi oak three kinds of fungi on the first two little effect on the quality of the wood, but wood decay fungi on material stew influence. Wood decay fungi grow in the cell wall, it can secrete a kind of enzymes break down the cell wall material into simple nutrients, only for their own survival intake, thereby causing wood decay, and was completely destroyed, but the survival and reproduction of fungi in the wood must be meet the following three conditions.

Moisture, the moisture content of wood ecological wood does not decay occurs below the fox in, and moisture content at 35 ^ to 50 ^ expedient Dental true breeding survival, that ecological wood moisture content at the fiber saturation point more easily when produce decay.

Temperature, true Lanna breeding suitable temperature is 25 ~ 35 ℃, when the temperature is below 5 ℃, stop breeding true cocoon, while higher than 60 ℃, the fungus is killed. Air, fungal growth and survival requires a certain presence of oxygen, thus completely submerged wood ecological wood, terbium and difficult due to the lack of decay.

Fungal destruction of the living conditions of the most commonly used methods are: ecological wood to make wood to keep the ventilation in the dry state, and the eco-products and wood construction Wood surface paint handling performed, even coat of paint timber cut off the air, but also cut off water . Thus, ecological wood preservative for wood, paint first, followed for aesthetics.

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