Renovated floor Guilin, Nanning test results

Renovated floor Guilin, Nanning test results

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The newly renovated floor because of odor problems, home did not dare to live. Much to her think that she wanted to claim the detection board failed in Guilin, Nanning and wood to become qualified products detect, until now, this problem has not been solved. Composite Boat Flooring Manufacturer Indonesia Customer: decoration floor lead to trouble Miss Tang said that this year January 6, she renovation in Guilin City Xiangshan set a certain brand of wood floors, floor to sell Shen boss assured that the wood floor is a national free products, in early April, Ms Tang telephone wood flooring manufacturers, lesbian answered the phone said the situation and listen to her, told her that the batch of wood is based on the new production process, the customer does not reflect well, Affordable Wood Paneling for Sale now no longer produced. Ms. Tang's home board, they will notify the dealer to deal with. April 16 Ms Tang Shen received a phone call that the company let her some white candles. Ms Tang had to buy a few packs of candles, and every corner of the home. But last month, the smell is still there. In the meantime, Ms Tang found himself often headache, nausea, to the hospital for the white blood cells, thrombocytopenia, the doctor told her it was a precursor of leukemia. Seeing the room smell more and more concentrated, the end of April, Ms Tang was forced to borrow a house to move out. Recently, the reporter to her family's new house and saw that the wood has been locked into a small room. Reporters saw, not only live below the door with Buser, the door is also sealed transparent plastic. marine composite wood price Qatar Open the door, really strange taste an lunged. Detection: one two samples conclusion May 19, Wu Tao, the brand wood flooring manufacturers sales service manager with offices in Guangxi Guilin Shen manager Ms Tang came home consultations, the two sides decided on the floor for testing, wpc composite deck veneer reviews and then draw conclusions deal with. Day, Manager Wu removed the plates do sample from Ms. Tang home. May 23, Guilin Environmental Monitoring Center test has concluded that the living room of formaldehyde, xylene concentration in excess. Manager Wu believes with air testing, can not explain the problem on the floor. May 24, Ms Tang also requested Guilin product quality supervision, inspection and sampling floor, the outcome on the 27th floor formaldehyde emission of May 31, Manager Wu back to the floor of the hospital in Guangxi quality inspection results came out,
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