Large floor flavor awarded nineteen thousand

Large floor flavor awarded nineteen thousand

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New laminate flooring shop pungent odor intolerable, under Mr. <a href="">floor for exterior beautiful thailand</a> Zhang angry complaints to the Consumers Association. This morning, after the Laoshan District Consumers Association of mediation, flooring business Mr. Zhang compensation of nearly 19,000 yuan. It is understood that Mr. Zhang Zhenhua, a district in Lee Chang bought a new house last year, July 7, he was in a certain brand of Laoshan floor of the store to buy more than 60 square meters of laminate flooring, with a total value of 5976 yuan. Floor coverings on July 10, <a href="">wood replacement slats for outdoor bench</a> 2004 completed at the end of March this year, Mr. Zhang check, feel the floor shortly after taste particularly large, pungent, dazzling, and accompanied by breathing difficulties and other symptoms, he and several floor dealers Contact, quotient of the total floor "product-free, quality is no problem" and other reasons prevarication. Mr. Zhang recently came under helpless in the Laoshan CASE mediation. Laoshan Consumers Association after an investigation found no floor dealers provide the quality of products "exempt reporting." CASE staff recommendation to Mr. Zhang City Product Quality Supervision, Inspection authorities do product quality testing, <a href="">eco-friendly patio floor asia-pacific</a> three days later, the test results confirmed that the floor out of the "excessive formaldehyde emission, is substandard products." <a href="">alternative garden edging ireland</a> Laoshan CASE staff believes that businesses unqualified products posing as qualified products, their actions constitute fraud, against the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. After mediation, the two sides reached a consensus: Double Indemnity consumer by the dealer to buy floor models, and paid product testing, injury compensation and other costs 7,000 yuan, the total amount of 18,952 yuan, the two sides on the results of the mediation without objection.
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