Solid wood flooring cracking how to deal with?

Solid wood flooring cracking how to deal with?

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Cause Analysis:
1, when climate change is large, resulting in wood moisture content is too large or too low, wood will shrink or swelling, keep up film elastic wood swelling or shrinkage change may cause film cracking;
2, wood floor by sun exposure or long-term wind, wood shrinkage phenomenon occurs, the elastic film can not keep wood shrinkage, wrinkling caused paint cracking;
3, wood flooring moisture expansion after moisture absorption rate increases flooring, wood floor in the swelling phenomenon, the film can not cope with the elastic wood flooring expansion, caused the paint crack.
Precautions: choose good quality wood flooring manufacturers, the film adhesion, flexibility, abrasion resistance can give to guarantee.
Solution: a small amount of film cracking, can fill paint repair. Such as cracks larger, can be polished after repainting. A monolithic wood floor paint crack is longer, can replace a single block of wood.

the article come from:Deck And Rock Color Combinations

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