Guanzhong urban agglomeration intercity rail planning four

Guanzhong urban agglomeration intercity rail planning four

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"With the intercity railway should, pay attention to the construction of the north-south line, the northern Shaanxi, Guanzhong, Southern Part 3 Geography vary greatly increase the integration of communication, release greater synergies. This is off the economic and social integration, and even adjust of the City structure and industrial structure are good. "

Shaanxi Province decisions Reform Programs Advisory Committee believes that it should play a role in the Midwest economy Xi'an, the Xi'an, Taiyuan, Zhengzhou, Lanzhou, Yinchuan linked to drive up the Midwest to promote economic development in central and western inland. Zhang Tong believes that another sense intercity railway is to support and complement the Zhengzhou-Xi'an high-speed rail, high-speed rail Westwood, perfect mark in the railway network.

"Intercity rail and high-speed rail are complementary, high-speed rail is the backbone of inter-city railway network, complement and expand the high-speed rail network, to support the mark in the urban agglomeration of construction and development." Beware of the process of industrialization lag / difficult to find, off the city Intercity rail link city in crafting industries.

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