Guanzhong urban agglomeration intercity rail planning five

Guanzhong urban agglomeration intercity rail planning five

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Xi'an will build R & D center, the country's major high-tech industries and advanced manufacturing base. Baoji city's main industries include machine tool manufacturing, automobile manufacturing heavy-duty, non-ferrous metal processing and the like.

Tongchuan tends energy, building materials, agricultural products, Weinan has advantages in terms of machinery and electronics, Yangling District, mainly the development of modern agriculture, bio-pharmaceutical industry. "Ease of transport on the surrounding development of a series of industrial action to promote such Yanliang Air Base, intercity railway prompted some cooperation projects can achieve.

"Director, Manufacturing in West China Development Research Center of Xi'an Petroleum University Cengzhao Ning believes that in addition to improving the Guanzhong urban agglomeration infrastructure, intercity railway approved after the most significant effects than the improvement of the regional investment environment and investment.

However, the role of inter-city railway, while Guanzhong urban agglomeration in the industrial layout, there are some worrying phenomenon. Compared with the developed regions, the industrialization process Guanzhong City Groups lag in urbanization phenomenon. Zeng Zhaoning analysis: "Urbanization and industrialization speed should complement each other, if the development of rapid urbanization and lack of industry support, there will be some problems."

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