Decoration mandatory ecological wood ushered in the spring

Decoration mandatory ecological wood ushered in the spring

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With economic development, people's quality of life at home with the increasing demand, more and more people pay attention to indoor air quality and environmental protection, and now more and more with the upgrade of indoor pollution incidents, most of which are pointing the finger of blame containing non-environmentally friendly materials can release toxic gases or substances.
Use of eco-wood materials can bring people the biggest advantage is that health, environmental protection, green. Eco-wood definition, decoration materials has ecological significance, both formaldehyde emission, or from the beauty, texture speaking, are quite superior.
Eco-wood furniture decoration choice, reduce a worry! Choose an environmentally friendly, healthy ecological wood, better than you in trouble after decoration decoration odor problems, but also affect the health of your family! Now select the basic ecological wood decoration.

According to relevant statistics, China is a timber resource-poor countries, the forest coverage rate is only 12.7%, less than 0.05 cubic meters per capita wood consumption level / year, respectively, lower than the world average of 22% per year need to import wood 1000-3000 Wan cubic meter. Since ecological wood and other wood-plastic composite materials with natural resources and environmental advantages of continuous, consistent with sustainable development, circular economy and low-carbon economy, become all levels of government to support the development and promotion of the application of green energy materials. China Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee and the Shanghai World Expo will also recommend and selected high-performance ecological wood and composite wood fiber and other composite materials as venues, facilities construction material, while in North America, the birthplace of the WPC and the EU countries, but also in the re-evaluation value of ecological wood and other wood materials, can be said that the spring ecological wood composites already represents an important direction of development of biomass composites.
According to the plan, "five-second" period, the building materials industry will actively promote structural adjustment, enhance the promotion of products deep processing, and actively develop energy-saving environmental protection, recycling and other new composite building materials. In particular, proposed to increase the capability of independent innovation of new materials industry to focus on accelerating the development of industrial scale. We have reason to believe that, in the context of the future for a long period of time the development of domestic production and construction stride, and actively promote the State support at the same time, high-fiber polyester composite wood and other new materials industry will usher in rapid booming spring !

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