Maintenance teak flooring makes the floor more beautiful vis

Maintenance teak flooring makes the floor more beautiful vis

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If you want to learn teak flooring maintenance methods, I do not know whether there are people at home used the teak floor, if there is some understanding of it,High-performance composite decking if you do not know all, it does not matter, then we work together to learn something about teak floor maintenance knowledge . A teak floor waxing step. Teak floor waxing tools to multi-washing machine, vacuum cleaner water, high-speed polishing machine, dry machine, wax or a tiger dragging folders, towels, pressing water tankers, working signs and cloth and so on.
Teak floor waxing agents to have high polished surface wax, base wax, wax-free parabolic, floor cleaners, all-around water, mild detergent. Teak floor waxing method: teak floor paint can be directly without waxing,Sunscreen type balcony flooring hot wax is generally by hand, that is, paraffin, also known as pouring wax. First floor wax after melting temperature, the temperature is maintained at about 80 to 100 degrees, then the respective tool will wax poured directly on the teak floor, after being absorbed by the floor wax dipped deep into the floor inside, and then through the high temperature hot plate or hot iron and scalding or repair the floor surface.
Teak flooring surface reaches so no joints, no traces after the effect, and then polished, and finally achieve the effect of bright as a mirror, bringing the teak floor waxing is completed. Second,Low maintenance teak boat decking teak floor waxing benefits 1, the teak floor waxing effectively protect the floor surface from damage, it is not natural weathering and prolong life. 2, floor waxing can increase the gloss of the floor, so the floor is more beautiful visual effects, glorious position. 3, waxing slip is also very important. 4, after waxing teak floor cleaning will be more convenient. Third, teak floor waxing precautions 1, complete teak floor waxing, not deep grinding. There is no ground to feel smooth to barb. 2, not because teak deep grinding, if improper operation, polished too deep a "blur" phenomenon must not be directly waxed shall give full oxidation time, unified in color after waxing.
3. The gap between the floor of a large, polished teak floors available powder mixed with liquid wax caulking, then wax. What really say much about David teak flooring maintenance tips,long life environmentally friendly flooring you now have learned how much of it? Probably with clean utensils dragged about wood floors, clean it reached the extent of it, and now people increasingly learn the more knowledge, of course, know that the floor needs maintenance, but this is not a bad thing, after all, also indirectly save money changing old floor.
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