New wall materials

New wall materials

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<p>New wall materials currently appearing on community charcoal walls, aerated concrete blocks, ceramic blocks, concrete hollow block, gypsum fiber board, the new wall panels, landscape and leaves. These new wall materials, fly ash, coal gangue, powder, slag, charcoal and environmentally friendly polymer materials as the main raw material. New wall materials are lightweight, high strength, insulation, energy and land, decoration and other fine features. For example, to build out the company, the first to open up outdoor vertical green landscape composite wood walkway in Netherlands materials decoration materials company, invented landscape leaves in 2016, the use of advanced technology products, the use of German imports of production equipment, use of environmentally friendly peak polymer synthesis, new wall materials currently in the market place.</p><p> High degree of simulation products, plants and really almost no difference in appearance, with the outdoor weather resistance particularly strong, can replace the real plant "green wall" in the widely used, is commendable, it is very easy to install can achieve instant green result, consumers generally can install itself, and for the latter part of a large majority of consumers care saves manpower and material costs, simply rinse with water. </p><p>So, it has been favored by consumers. Now the rise of new wall materials can significantly reduce the weight of buildings, lightweight structures for the promotion and create the conditions to promote the technological modernization construction, greatly speeding up the building speed. Government and relevant departments around the treated bead tongue and groove porch boards country have been put forward in the development of green building, green wall materials industry to accelerate the development of notice. New low-carbon green wall materials will make the building easier, more comfortable and let live.</p>
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