Cork flooring is divided into five categories as follows:

Cork flooring is divided into five categories as follows:

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<p>The first category: cork flooring surface without any cover, this product is the earliest. The second category: the cork flooring surface for painting. That is cemented cork surface coating UV varnish or paint or varnish photosensitive PVA. According to the different kinds of paint, it can be divided into three types, namely high-gloss, matte light of peace. This is 90 years of technology, such products of cork flooring surface should face relatively high, which is used in soft wood purer. In recent years, the use of paint PU products, PU paint a relatively soft, permeable into the floor, not easy to crack and deformation third category:. PVC veneer that covered PVC cork floor surface veneer.</p>

<p>Its structure is usually four layers: the surface veneer with PVC, of ??a thickness of 0.45 mm which; a second layer of natural cork decorative layer having a thickness of 0.8mm; the third layer is a layer having a thickness of cork cemented 1.8mm; the bottom is the stress balance and waterproof PVC layer, this layer is very important, the absence of this layer, in the production when the material after thermosetting, PVC surface cooling contraction, will make the whole piece of floor warpage. This type of floor by the current Beijing and Shanghai consumers. The fourth category; PVC veneer, a thickness of 0.45 mm; a second natural veneer layer having a thickness of 0.45 mm; the third layer is cemented cork, having a thickness of about 2mm; PVC plate and the third layer of the same type waterproof, while also allowing the stress balance board, a thickness of about 0.2mm. Category V: plastic cork flooring, cork flooring resin cement, rubber, cork flooring.</p>

<p>Rooms can be selected according to category: general household use to select the first, second class, first class because the most original, but all of its outstanding features can be displayed, the second cork flooring, cork layer thicker, pure texture, but the layer only 0.1mm-0.2mm thick, relatively thin, but flexible, high-strength wear-resistant layer does not affect the excellent performance of the cork embodied. Although the surface is thin, but the family use more careful, therefore, it will not affect the life, and the laying of convenience, consumers can release paper can be torn off his own stick directly to a clean dry concrete floor. Shops, libraries and other high traffic situations, the choice of a second, three floors.</p>

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