mechanical properties of WPC

mechanical properties of WPC

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<p>polyethylene wax, paraffin wax, oxidized polyethylene wax. When the plant fiber and some of the higher glass transition temperature and the viscosity of the melt flow resin composite, often difficult process, often need to add a plasticizer to improve its workability. Plasticizers can increase the plastic polymer products,decking prices cost of building a decking</p>
<p>improving its flexibility, extensibility and processability. As wood flour composites PVC, the plasticizer may be added to reduce the processing temperature, decomposition of plant fibers and to reduce fuming; but the plasticizer added affects the mechanical properties of WPC, generally with increasing amount of plasticizer,hollow to floor measurement chart</p>
<p>the tensile strength decreases and the elongation at break increases. Common plasticizer molecular structure contains polar and non-polar groups at high shear, which can enter the polymer chains by polar groups and polar groups on the polymer with each other attracting a homogeneous stabilization system, it is inserted into the non-polar portion may be reduced mutual attraction of the polymer molecules,deck lumber prices synthetic</p>
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