Guanzhong urban agglomeration intercity rail planning six

Guanzhong urban agglomeration intercity rail planning six

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He Tongzhou District of Beijing as an example, a satellite town of Beijing Tongzhou, the process of industrialization lag, causing massive population influx due to the Beijing area of ??employment, but had to return to work and live in Tongzhou, commuters back and forth between the two places a day, resulting in a sharp increase in costs.

In contrast, for the Guangdong area, since local urbanization and industrialization process of complementarity promotes employment of local residents. Residents have a certain income driven consumption and service industries, while manufacturing and services and to promote the vigorous development of urbanization, narrowing the gap between urban and rural local. "This is a national issue, in the western region is also more serious, rapid development in industrialization and urbanization will inevitably lead to the Ordos [0.00% funds research report] 'ghost town' series of the status quo, such as intensified.

The rapid development of Guanzhong city group is bound to a corresponding support for industrialization. "Zengzhao Ning pointed out the need to increase the time construction of the City Group strength of the real economy, beware rate of industrial development lags behind the situation. In addition, if other cities with horizontal comparison group, it is easy to find off the current situation of urban agglomeration is also not optimistic.

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